Get Ready for the Spot Light – It might not last long!

With deep roots in advertising and media Torrey Pocock is well trained and practiced in
media protocol, live tv, crisis management and public speaking.  As an analyst for Fox News Tech Take and and Media training professional Torrey has worked with Fortune 500 executives, ambassadors, celebrities and football stars to help those clients be ready for any on camera or public speaking engagement.

We Meet. We Learn. We Identify the Strategy.

  1. Where will you appear?
  2. How long is the segment?
  3. Live or Live to Tape
  4. Public Speaking and being prepared to answer questions.
  5. How to redirect, answer without answering and the ambush interview.
  6. Do’s and don’ts of being on camera.

We even coach for basic on camera work, like training web videos. – Like this video below.


We don’t just teach it, we do it!
Torrey Pocock has been working in media since 1989 beginning with CBS Sports. With Emmy Award winning mentors and teachers he has honed his skills  as a film producer, public relations executive and media training professional. He customizes all training and has students practice on camera for real time evaluations.


Founder Torrey Pocock in the news.

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